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risks_seniors1.jpgArtificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly significant part of our daily lives. Technologies utilizing AI can be found in our mobile phones, computers, internet search engines, social networks, and even in household appliances. We also frequently encounter AI-generated products—articles, images, photographs, or videos—on the internet.


mini_fopo.jpgFOPO (Fear of Other People's Opinions) is a phenomenon that refers to the fear of what others think of us. This fear can significantly affect our decision-making, behavior, and overall well-being. Nowadays, when we are constantly exposed to records of other people's lives through social media, FOPO is very common.

mini_digitalnizavislost.jpgDigital addiction, also known as netolism, is a phenomenon characterized by excessive and uncontrolled use of digital devices and the internet. This issue is becoming increasingly common across all age groups. This article focuses on defining digital addiction, its symptoms, impacts on different groups of people, and strategies for preventing and managing this problem.

mini_internettroll.pngIn the digital age, where social media and online discussions play a crucial role in shaping public opinion, terms like "troll" and "troll farm" have become a common part of our vocabulary. Troll farms are organizations or groups that coordinate the spread of disinformation and manipulate online discussions to achieve political, economic, or social goals. In today's article, we summarize how they work and why they are dangerous.

Quishing is a combination of the words "QR code" and "phishing". It is a sophisticated type of phishing attack that uses QR codes to deceive users and obtain their sensitive information. QR codes are commonly used for quick access to websites or to obtain various information using smartphones.



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